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Mi niño, mi MiKi,recuerdo que cuando tenía como 4 años aproximadamente, visitaba a la abuela María y en nuestro encuentro yo usaba cabello suelto y abundante y se me quedó mirando y le llamaba la atención mi cabello y le pregunté que pasaba porque me miras así?, Michael soltó una carcajada y dijo tu tienes una Peluca?, Yo dijo No, y el reía y rei diciendo Si, claro tienes una Peluca,tu pelo es una Peluca...y quedé gozosa de reír con el por su travesía y así lo recuerdo, pícaro, alegre, creativo, original,estraña coincidencia que somos del mismo signo de agua Cáncer, sentimental, poeta, soñador,así somos, y no voy a olvidar los pequeños momentos compartidos a pesar de la distancia te llevo en mi corazón,y antes de todo esto te Vi despedirte con una copa de vino tinto,el que uso mi Jesucristo con sus apóstoles, Dios ha preparado lugar hermoso para recibir a un ángel,a una Alma noble en el reino de la vida eterna. Allá nos vemos primo junto a nuestro Dios Padre eterno. Gracias por tu sonrisa,gracias por tu juventud,gracias por todo. Dios te bendiga siempre 😇🙏.

Mariela Pérez Hermoso Prima
January 12, 2023

The sudden passing of my Aunt sent my family into a tailspin. We had never planned a funeral before and everything was overwhelming. Then we met Mike. How Mike immediately knew exactly what our family needed in order to say a proper goodbye, also my Aunt's likes and dislikes when it came to the flowers, hair and make-up (yes folks, Mike did hair and make-up himself and she looked FABULOUS) is still very pleasing to me. Mike was with us every step of the way, anticipating our needs, coordinating with the church and made sure my Aunt was presented at her very best (could rival Queen Elizabeth herself), which made it easier on the family to say our final goodbyes. A heartfelt thanks to Mike and his staff for hosting our beloved Aunt and our family with such dignity in their very clean and well appointed facility. ~Sleep in Perfect Peace Myrna St John~

September 26, 2022

With the unexpected loss of my Dad, a friend recommended Conrad and Thompson. Mike and the staff definitely went above and beyond to make a hard time a little easier. My father was cremated and the day I went to pick up his ashes, I took and urn I picked with me. Upon arrival, my urn was taken by Mike. Mike took the urn and remains in a memorial room where the urn was placed with flowers, candles, and a poem with his picture in a frame. I was walked in the room and given time to pay my respects to my father. The staff were extremely friendly, professional, showing dignity and respect in a hard time. Thank you and God bless these great people!!!

Marissa Fussell
September 6, 2022

My father in law passed suddenly and we called and met with Mr Mike and his staff.They went above and beyond anything we needed answered or weren’t sure what to do they were right there to help.When a death happens you aren’t prepared to deal with some things and I don’t think we would have made it through it without them!Thank you Mr Mike and staff for all your help!May God bless you and your staff.

Courtnie Meier
August 25, 2022

Conrad and Thompson helped get me through the most difficult time of my life when my son died unexpectedly. I was lost and had no idea what to do. They helped us plan a beautiful service and took great care of my son. They also helped with all the paperwork needed for the death certificate. They treated us with love and care. And they treated my son with care and respect. I do not ever want to go through that again, but if I had to, I would absolutely trust them to take care of me or my loved one.

Tammy Neace
May 30, 2022

Thanks to Mike, Emmy, and the rest of the staff. Caring and compassionate, they helped me get through the devastating sudden loss of my husband William Thomas. Highly recommended.

Thomas Valego
April 29, 2022

“Mark” you are an extremely compassionate , caring knowledgeable professional and simplified the process of assisting my daughter Bridget Whittington , the wife of James Edward Whittington Jr. , who passed away on March 16/2022. Mark, you answered my call that morning at 4:00am and I knew after speaking with that morning that all our needs would be met in order to care for “ James “ my son in law . We wish to thank all the caring staff at Conrad and Thompson Funeral shone in Kissimme, Florida.

Louise Gurksnis And Bridget Whittington
April 10, 2022

My husband, Gerard Cushing, passed away December 26, 2021. Mark Brady and all staff at Conrad & Thompson were extremely helpful and caring and guided me through the whole process of a Memorial Mass for Jerry. I couldn't have done it without them, and I am extremely thankful for the wonderful service they provide!

Kay Cushing
February 14, 2022

Unfortunately but fortunately I have had to use Conrad and Thompson 3 times. The first experience was with my youngest brother and they were so amazing that when my grandmother passed without hesitation I wanted them to handle her as it was a little more complex but they took care of everything so well and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Which brings me to now 11 years later my mother passes and of course beyond a shadow of doubt I wanted Conrad & Thompson to take care her too. I knew she would be in great hands but not only that their service, care , and compassion they showed me went above and beyond the call of duty or doing their job. I will forever be greatful and thankful for the love and respect you all gave me and family. God bless your caring giving hearts

Sonya Arnold
February 10, 2021

Sometimes you meet the best of people during the worst of times. This was so true dealing with my Mother's passing. Mike and his team provided us with such comfort and caring. They had taken care of my Dad years before and were wonderful. It's nice to see some things never change. My heartfelt thanks!!

Michele Oldenburg
November 2, 2020

I just wanted to say thank you once again on behalf of myself and family for all that you have done. Your caring ways and professionalism has made this transition easier.

Although my father is going through a very difficult time, he really is fighting every day to come back to us. I know you really have touched my father as while I am texting you this, he said “Mark!! Good man!!! Good heart!!!” So you see you have made a positive impact during this trying time on my family.

Thank you once again.


September 23, 2020

Hello all,
We had the pleasure of meeting those at Conrad and Thompson yesterday. We were greeted right away, with an appropriate elbow bump. When I say right away we mean Mark Brady had already opened the door to welcome us into Conrad and Thompson of Kissimmee with his mask on before we even touched the door knob.
We found the room we spoke in to be quaint and comfortable. Lots of beautiful wood. The appointment started with a beautiful pause as if Mark wanted us to begin the session and lead the way. Not only did he listen, he was very patient, knowledgeable, kind and professional. And even had an appropriate light heart.
He guided us through the process of taking care of my dad. Mark expressed condolences and depth for our family. He listened to our stories and memories and there was even laughter in honor of my dad. It was very healing for us. My dad was a beautiful person. And it felt like Mark cared about that.
The Neff family thanks you Mark Brady and all those at Conrad and Thompson for taking care of us.
Thank you

Katie Scarlett Neff
September 11, 2020

I shall forever be grateful to Mike and the staff at Conrad & Thompson for the loving care given to me upon the passing of my husband Carlton. I felt supported along every step of this journey. May God bless you all for your noble work.

Dr. Sandra Nixon Tynes
April 29, 2020

Thank you very much for all the kindness and cooperation in helping us with our mothers memorial service. Betty J Loe We couldn’t have asked for a better prepaid out of town experience. She would have been pleased.

Marcia Ellis
January 16, 2020

Just wanted to tell you thank you for the
wonderful job you did in taking care of
mom. She looked beautiful. We are
greaved we couldn't be there but are
happy she was in good hands. She was
treated with the love and dignity she so
Thank you and God bless
Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam
July 28, 2019

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